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You want M*nr*s?

Welcome to the non M*nr*, bagging site.

The figure 3000 feet has an almost mystical quality for Scottish hill goers. Ever since tourists first braved the Highlands, ascending and collecting 3000' summits has been a popular activity. In 1891 Sir Hugh Munro first catalogued nearly 300 hills over this height, and the chase was on. However there are many hills below the magic line, some good , some very good, and there is also Beinn Chaorach.

Until very recently there has been little written about these hills,and there is still little web traffic concerned Corbetts and their ilk,compared with their bigger brethren. So to redress the balance and show all you baggers out there clutching your wee black (or light blue) book, just what you are missing....... Welcome .

WANTED - for vandalism and criminal damage....

Near the summit of Carn na Saobhaidhe, Section 9. Worst "road" building I have ever seen - suspect jumping gun with a windfarm project. Please read this URGENTLY

A tour of the Corbetts.

The hills, a wee bit of history and some of my own experiences.

Latest: Carn na Saobhaidhe



The Baggers Album

Follow my hillwalking exploits. Photos from recent 'Marilyn' days: (Warning may contain M*nr*s and hills furth of Scotland. Even some cl*mbing). You will also find photos of Hall of fame meets and completion parties here.


Corbett bagging has started again with a fine weather visit to Knoydart - just in time before the non summer.

Donalds furth of Scotland.

In the absence of a definitive ticklist for the topographically challenged South, here is the list I have been working on since 1981. Using the rules laid down by Percy Donald, this list truly represents North Pennine or Black Mountain terrain without listing oodles of bumps on Glaramara. (No, I have not done them all yet!, Completed Wales in June 2000.)


Note: Links to online mapping will no longer work as intended. This is due to the gougeing policies of the Ordnance Survey. To cut the costs of providing the service, the online mapping services regularly change their URLs, so that only the road maps appear. It would be possible for me to overcome the URL change with a script, but I am reluctant to do this in order to delay the eventual loss of free1:50000 data from Streetmap. Streetmap deserve support, click thier ads. The problem lies with the O$. Gits!

1:50000 mapping is easily obtained - just click the "house shaped" icons between the + and - on the streetmap page.

Low quality 1:25 000 maps are available from the OS themselves:

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